As a Swiss Association, our bylaws are written in German language only and can be downloaded in full with the link below. Paragraph 3 of the bylaws describes the purpose of the association in detail which is detailed below in English language in 12 elements.

Bylaws - Paragraph 3 Translated from the official German version

1. The association aims to promote common economic interests, a transparent and socially balanced market economy and a liberal and democratic policy to generate the best possible equality opportunity chances for all individuals.

2. Awareness of common ideas in the humanitarian field in the context of different cultures is promoted and individuals are encouraged to take on responsibility for the development of a meaningful social market economy and community.

3. The understanding between peoples and the development of cultural understanding is to be reinforced.

4. Particular emphasis is given to the exchange of information with a special focus for economic advancements in the fields of:

a) network of contacts and exchanges;

b) trade and project funding as well as the mutual sharing of interests through its own events;

c) promote collaboration among industry, academia and diplomacy in support of national development and transnational projects;

d) promotion and mediation of contexts in society, social and economic issues.

5. The EBC Switzerland can:

a) support the communication of scientific and expert advice to members;

b) acquire, sell and manage real estate and other assets;

c) awarded in honour of personalities, entrepreneurs, projects and institutions as regards special benefits Award's.

6. The EBC Switzerland pursues exclusively and directly non-profit objectives. The association has no independent commercial purposes and he has no political or religious objectives.

7. The Board members receive no share of profits.

8. The funds may only be used for purposes according to the bylaws.

9. The funds of the association may not be used directly for the promotion of political parties.

10. The board members receive neither during the time of their membership nor upon their departure any assets or profit shares and in their capacity as members, any other allowances from the association’s funds.

11. Board as well as regular members representing the interests of the Association for representation tasks or other activities will have their expenditures and expenses covered by the Association’s funds. Upon approval of the board of directors, any such member can an appropriate, adequate fee for specific duties delivered.

12. The EBC Switzerland can collaborate and with partners or third parties in order to achieve the goals of the association.

Bylaws EBC Switzerland
7 Pages of bylaws in German language as submitted and approved
by the Federal commercial registry of Zürich, Switzerland.
EBC CH Bylaws German.pdf
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Company registration and tax ID: CHE-206.411.472 . Entry in the Federal commercial registry: European Business Club Switzerland