We represent several artists in our network and some of us members of European Business Club of Switzerland take great pleasure and pride in having a few such items in our private homes. This is a highly individual topic based on the style of the artist, your taste and emotional connection to the artist, and your love and passion for art.

Members of EBCS have also access to some unique artwork that is not for public exposure. We ask you to connect with us directly in order to evaluate a potential match for your interest if it comes to such investment. Our Private Pages Art give individuals password-protected access to several pages with superb masterworks for sale.

Renato Veronesi

An Italian artist living between Milano, Italy and St.Moritz, Switzerland. His current works cover winter sports in the valley of Engadin, surrounded by the fancy life of the St.Moritz jet-set. His work is regularly exhibited in the area and enjoys a strong following among Swiss and Italian collectors. His works is recognized across Europe and the United States and in particular, acknowledged in the official sports art book of the Beijing Olympics in China in 2008.

Roger de Baron

A life-time artist and craftsman, Swiss and originally from Lucerne, R. D. has produced dozens of paintings over the past 70 years. Starting with pencil drawings at an early age, he moved to oil and canvas during his twenties and thirties. Having been gifted with an artistic touch thanks to his father's work in rosewood designs, R.D. advanced into wood- and paintwork and refurbished antique Swiss Alpine furniture. Always inspried by the French sculptor Auguste Rodin, he produced several unique statues representing hands in various forms. As all his art work, the two pieces shown are unique single editions and the crafting starts only after long meetings between the artist and the client. Click on the pictures to enlarge.