Driving ventures across the world

At the EUROPEAN BUSINESS CLUB SWITZERLAND (EBCS) we are committed to deliver business knowledge, education, facilitate investments and drive economic welfare with consideration of the environment. We guide companies, institutions and individuals with tactical steps for professional implementation of their ventures. This can also include residency in Switzerland. In any case, it comes combined with the beauty of Switzerland as a holiday country, its world renowned infrastructure and its stable and safe economy.


Business Management - Project Incubation
Residency - Education - Real Estate - Art - Holidays


The EBCS is a lawfully registered business association incorporated in Zürich. The association invites members to participate and join a network of experienced international business professionals who appreciate a well-balanced personal lifestyle. EBCS provides a platform for individuals as well as companies looking to achieve successful personal and corporate performance, expanding the scope of their expertise and establishing themselves in new markets. Investors looking for opportunities to invest in Swiss and European businesses as well as real estate can profit from our expert guidance and advice and combine their ventures in with an enjoyable holiday with families and friends in Switzerland, and get our expert support in moving to Switzerland and obtaining the Swiss residency.


Join us and become a member of a professional association where you can share business ideas with peers and obtain business and financial advice throughout the year thus stay ahead of your competitors in this challenging economic environment and enjoy a nice time.

Nothing beats the power of a face-to-face connection.