At EBCS we approach education from two individual angles. One is for business education for managers who are already in their professional environment. And the other angle is the education to advance individual and prepare them ready for their jobs. The goal from both perspectives is the same: to nurture individuals, optimize their potential and build a more balanced and stable economy. 

education as a business lifestyle

Particularly with the inauguration of  EBCS three years ago, the president himself has become very active and made education a further stronghold in his life. Even before that time, he has been active in various educational forms which is demonstrated in his career path.  

After 9-year basic education in Switzerland Richard completed an apprenticeship as chemical-laboratory-assistant.  Having finished the Swiss Army Service he studied Chemistry at University of Zürich, Switzerland. After seven years work experience as Chemist he returned to University and balanced his technical background with an MBA from Kellogg-Business-School, Northwestern-University, USA. He spent several years in the USA and Europe in executive business functions as line manager, entrepreneur and consultant, and always maintained an educating role. He was key note speaker at international institutions in Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Switzerland and the USA. This helped him to be elected President of the European Business Club Switzerland. He guides students as well as international business people to expand their knowledge to drive future economic growth – with the Swiss concept of Dual Education-Structure - and with MBA-Crash Courses for business managers.