This is a list with select past and future events.

Shandong University

November 15/16, 2017

Jinan, National Center for Scienitfic and Technologial Products Promotion and Application,


1.      两个平台科技成果相互展示交流

Scientific achievements exchange and exhibition for SDUSP and EBCS.

2.      山东大学与瑞士大学合作

Building connections with specific technical universities in Europe and Switzerland.


Student exchange programs


Faculty exchange programs


Technical support form universities in certain fields

3.      促进企业交流合作,并相互进行宣传推广

Establish strong business relationships between fellow members of EBCS and enterprises of SDUSP.

Jinan Switzerland green manufacturing round table

September 7, 2017

Zürich, Switzerland, Hotel Marriott

15:00  签到 

15:30  主持人(毛华铭秘书长)介绍主要参会嘉宾

15:40  播放济南宣传片(8分钟)

15:50  欧洲商业协会瑞士分会理查德•德博罗特主席致辞

16:00  王忠林市长主题演讲

16:20  瑞士企业分别介绍情况(5家,每人10分钟)

17:10  互动交流

17:40  圆桌会结束,工作晚宴并继续交流

19:00  活动结束

Made-in-China-2025: opportunities for German companies in Jinan

June 21, 2017

Frankfurt, Germany, Westin Grand Hotel

Foundation Meeting EBCS

December 5, 2014

Castle Sihlberg, Zürich, Switzerland. Protocoll and bylaws completed for submission to authorities.