financial advice

Zürich, Switzerland is said to be the world's capital of Private Banking. True or not, it does take money to access the Swiss banks and with recent developments and new regulations, this access has become more and more cumbersome for internationals. Yet at the same time there are plenty of solutions, particularly when asset movement can be combined with business investment. Even Swiss residency might be an achievable goal. At the European Business Club of Switzerland we have guiding members and advisors with expert backgrounds in the financial markets and solid connections to top leaders in the Swiss Banking segment. And, we offer our expertise to all members, there is no entry threshold to our financial advice services.

The investment process

Yes, investment is a process - and it works similar to strategy development or consulting. It requires constant re-assessment of your needs and the market situation. The banker calls it risk management. In any case, we don't call ourselves bankers or wealth managers - we rather approach you with support for all your needs to connect with Switzerland - as private individual or as a business owner - and design solutions for your balanced well-being. That can include health care,  holidays or even living in Switzerland as a Swiss resident.

The initial assessment for an individual case is available to all members as part of our networking and general services. Additional fees on an individual consulting basis plus third party vendors have to be agreed on based on the breadth and depth of your needs.