Business Ventures

We offer a variety of ventures from our partners who are seeking investment for their ideas. Below you find a short selection of such investment opportunities. These can range early stage ventures to well established companies who wish to expand their business and offer various forms of ownership through your investment. Connect with us to receive the current list of opportunities and we try to find the best match for your individual case. Even if you wish to qualify such investment for Swiss residency application.

Investment in established Swiss SME production company

High-tech manufacturing for staff safety protection suits for chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech and nuclear industries, hospitals and army. 0.5 Mio CHF Investment as convertible loan with various exit or ownership options, including possibility for equity stake of 20%. Investment of 1 Mio CHF is also feasible.
Smaller stakes starting at CHF 50’000 as convertible loans are possible. Follow-up purchase of 100% over a period of 3-5 years is viable.

The company was founded in 1993 and today is a world class supplier of protective gear. It has 8 employees at its headquarters in Switzerland and 20 employees in the production company in Italy. The company holds unique a license for use of special high-tech materials developed exclusively by global chemical technology leader. The list of existing clients includes large Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical companies and government institutions. Annual revenue approx. 3.5 Mio CHF.

Investment: 500'000 CHF

PUrchase of Swiss IT company

Standard technology products, successful with 25+ years of history. International client base, strong marketing, recent new clients. Current owner wishes to retire and sell the company. 8 Staff members. Profit contribution approx. 35% of annual revenue of 4 Mio.

Purchase price: 4.5 Mio CHF 

Purchase of Swiss distribution and logistics company

Established company with 15+ years of existing business in with international freight forwarding contracts. Shipments via air, water and land. Current owner wishes to retire and sell the company. 8 Staff members. Annual profit approx. 400’000 CHF.

Purchase price: 5 Mio CHF 

Investment in Nano Powder production company

This company is the license holder of new high-tech milling technology for Nano Powers and has developed a well proven concept. They are now ready for expansion to production scale for 40 different high-quality Nano Powders based on metals, oxides, abrasives, carbides for supply to the Powder Metallurgical industry for additive manufacturing, 3-D Printing, Hot Isostatic Pressing etc. The investment will secure a 25% equity stake of the company and allow to participate in an up and coming multi-million Dollar global business.

Investment: 5 Mio CHF

This is a development company in scale-up phase and profit from such an investment is not guaranteed. while the upside potential of this investment can be extremely high, there is also the risk that the company will fail and not generate a profit, thus the investment gets lost.

Swiss Pharmaceutical Product Development Company

This is an established Swiss development company with a solid pipeline of pharmaceutical products in various clinical stages as well as cosmetic products ready for market launch.
Some of the lead products are already successfully deployed in several markets while other markets offer potential for additional business.

Truly outstanding is the instant application of a product that reduces acute symptoms of individuals after the consumption of alcohol. Particularly Asians with their lack of ALDH2-Enyzme (Alcohol Dehydrogenase) can profit from that application which has not yet seen a competitive product. This pharmaceutical product is already applied in the USA, Europe and Taiwan.

On the cosmetic side, the company has developed products for adipogenesis (reduction of fat cell creation) based on specially isolated natural ingredients. The formulation promotes homeostasis and has proven the impact on fat burning by reducing the number of mature fat cells by over 60%. The product is now approved in Europe and ready market launch.

Investments can target the holding company or individual project companies organized under the holding.

The investment options for various stakes  range from 1 - 5 Mio CHF

Investment in Swiss start-up for smart Kitchenware

Start-up incorporated in Zürich as Ltd and vested capital of 100’000 CHF invites investors for approx. 23 % against 900’000 CHF in form of newly issued shares.

3’000 shares @ nominal value of 10 CHF, purchase price 300 CHF per share.

Smallest package at 60 shares = 18’000 CHF.

The company’s first product is a patented tea machine that allows to brew tea in all dosage forms such as loose leaves, tea bags, capsules and more. Additional smart kitchenware such as combination of tea maker with coffee machine is in the development pipeline.

Investment: 900'000 CHF

This is a development company in a start-up phase and profit from such an investment is not guaranteed. We from EBCS  recognize great potential in this company and also invest time and consulting skills to help the company to become successful. However, while the upside potential of this investment can be extremely high, there is also the risk that the company will fail and not generate a profit, thus the investment gets lost.

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT FOR Encrypted Mobile Phone Service

A Swiss based company offers networks based on end-to-end secure mobile communications with latest encryption technology. Complete system with secure server, network-technology and end-user smart phones was established in Switzerland and tested successfully. Data centres are exclusively located in a former Swiss Military bunker, converted for high-end commercial application also used by Swiss banks for data and gold storage. The products are Manageable Virtual Closed Networks and are offered with Swiss managed secure communication services and devices.
The service has unlimited scalability and can be established in every country with the security of being managed out of Switzerland and really totally encrypted to the extent that best government and secret service observers cannot crack it. Investment can be adapted to geographic reach thus stepwise entry offers a wide span of investment in this global market.

Investment: Projects from 5 - 50 Mio


Multi Asset Online Brokerage, mobile and virtual banking

A project for the retail banking segment to address the new customer demands of going more digital and mobile to the level of virtual banking.
An established Fintech company has developed top-notch technology and educated and build the market for online-brokerage in the United States starting about 15 years ago. Today, customizable multi-asset, multi-market trading platforms for equities, futures, FX, CFDs, options and more are offered as “white label” solution which can be seamlessly integrated to the bank's existing legacy systems. It’s also feasible to build a new bank or financial institution altogether and offer all services virtual if required.
The technology, market readiness and consumer friendliness was proven over the past 10 years and is ready for deployment anywhere outside the U.S. Block-chain, augmented reality, virtual reality and other trends are part of it or next steps.
Investment for Europe in form of pilot projects, full projects, new subsidiary, own company or other, depending on the needs of the investor aligned with the future market demands and specific collaboration agreement.

Investment: Projects from 10 - 200 Mio

PROJECTS TO Match green economy with smart business

The government of Switzerland created a set of Waste Management Guidelines in the 80ies that would steer people‘s behaviours towards a modern, sustainable waste management model. These guidelines are based around the following principles:

a) Protection of humans and their environment.

b) All waste disposal systems must as a whole be environmentally compatible "life-cycle-thinking".

c) Every disposal system for waste shall generate only two types of products: recyclable substances and residues for final storage.

d) No passing on of problems to future generations and other countries.

If you care for respectful treatment of our planet and wish to invest in a healthy environment for your kids, we can offer a leading advisory role for green economy projects in its creation and implementation. We have a line-up of vendors who are specialists in various technologies and can support clients to find the right mix of options as solutions to foster a balanced lifestyle for next generations.

Investment: Projects from 2 - 100 Mio