commodity trading

We are part of a network of sellers of various types of METALS and promote sales and trading of such as authorized appointees. The majority of our METALS are sourced in Asia and Australia and buyers are located across the world with the majority being in Europe, China and the Middle East. Some of the metals are restricted and cannot be sold to some countries. Please connect with us to receive the current list of opportunities and we try to find the best match for your individual case. 

Conditions for positive compliance outcome

When you entertain the idea of purchasing METALS, please be aware of guidelines and rules you have be compliant with in order to be successful in international trading. Below are the two main criteria we focus on before any contractual work between the parties starts.



The Buyer with signatory power on the purchasing bank account shall be the person who also signs the Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA). A passport copy with confirmation of account signing power and corporate resolution for deal approval shall be attached to submission of electronically signed SPA. This triggers the invitation letter to the Bank-TTM, issued by the Seller. 



The Buyer shall confirm that funds for any and all transactions for deal are ready in cash-accounts and 

-  authorized for said transaction, evidenced by a corporate resolution

-  clean, clear, without liens and of non-criminal origin

-  registered and known to the appropriate government and properly taxed

-  available in regular on-shore SWIFT-able bank accounts

-  transferable in cash by bank’s ledger/ledger system