Networking is at the core of our activities the European Business Club Switzerland. As expressed in our bylaws: The understanding between peoples and the development of cultural understanding is to be reinforced. Particular emphasis is given to the exchange of information with a special focus for economic advancements through the network of contacts and exchanges. And this of course is a mutual give and take. That is a long term investment and the count after a lifetime networking will be balanced between give and take. In one word: share.


We offer an opportunity to grow strong business relationships with your fellow Members and thus receive and give referrals. The EBC promotes the power of ‘word of mouth’ marketing, which is an immensely effective way of growing a business through personal relationships.We can help you grow your business with personal recommendations and leverage off the power of ‘word of mouth’ advertising to unlimited potential clients. The network can create salespeople to generate business leads for your business through other Members. The association connects like-minded business people and fosters discussion and brainstorming around issues that affect all businesses.


David Hampshire, author of the book, “Living and Working in Switzerland” aptly describes the Swiss as: ”Scrupulously honest, narrow-minded, industrious, pessimistic, boring, hygienic, taciturn, healthy, insular, tidy, frugal, sober, selfish, spotless, educated, insecure, introverted, hard working, perfect, religious, rigid, arrogant, affluent, conservative, isolated, private, strait-laced, neutral, authoritarian, formal, responsible, self-critical, unfriendly, stoical, materialistic, impatient, ambitious, intolerant, unromantic, reliable, conscientious, obstinate, efficient, square, enterprising, humorless, unloved (too rich), obedient, liberal, thrifty, stolid, orderly, staid, placid, insensitive, patriotic, xenophobic, courteous, meticulous, inventive, prejudiced, conventional, intelligent, virtuous, smug, loyal, punctual, egotistical, serious, bourgeois, cautious, dependable, polite, reserved or shy, law-abiding and a good skier".  
He concludes by saying: "You may have noticed that the above list contains a 'few' contradictions, which is hardly surprising as there's no such thing as a typical Swiss!"