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Switzerland is keen to attract private individuals, entrepreneurs, small and medium sized enterprises as well as large corporations. Switzerland is very business-friendly by tradition and offers a solution for every need and expectation. Every Swiss location has specific advantages which can be discussed and assessed with you to match your individual needs. One of the key requirements are either to generate employment in Switzerland or to be a person of independent financial means, and combinations thereof. The information below is an initial guide about how to obtain residency in Switzerland through various forms of investment. Details are shared upon request for a personal interview.


The overall cost of living and doing business in Switzerland compares very favourably with Germany, France, the Netherlands or the US, for example. The main advantage is its global neutrality, a truly democratic system, the stable economy, the world famous public infrastructure, the safety and security, the health service, and for the younger generation the excellent education system. Most important, whatever assets you bring to Switzerland, it will always be yours, remain in your possession and be under your control. Even if you decide later to leave Switzerland or wish to stop or interrupt the residency process. You can always retrieve your assets at any time. Additional advantages of Switzerland are excellent quality of life, low federal and cantonal taxes, no capital gains taxes, protection of wealth and assets, a safe haven overall and excellent personal and financial security.


The Swiss tax system is very much in line with the country's reputation as a centre for international trade and finance. Many tax privileges have been introduced in order to attract foreign investment to Switzerland. Switzerland has also an extensive network of treaties for the avoidance of double taxation.

Schengen couNtries

Switzerland is a prime location for travel across Europe and with a Swiss residency you have visa-free entry to all Schengen area countries which include:

Source: Polgeonow, status March 2016



Czech Republic

























Obtaining a Swiss residency is not a question of a specific amount of investments such as in many other countries. It’s much more a question of the smart combination of several factors for each individual case: wealth source, family heritage, domestic job generation, the local situation at the time of your application, and more. In any case, we are qualified to consult you, optimize your personal case, assure that there are no information gaps in your file and coordinate all actions to present a transparent case that has a very high likelihood to get accepted by the decision making authorities. There is no guarantee for acceptance but we know how to maximize your chances.


There are many ways of obtaining Swiss residency and one initial factor might be if you are seeking

a) gainful employment in Switzerland or

b) to reside in Switzerland without work as a retiree based on your personal wealth

c) to reside in Switzerland based on your personal wealth by investments into  existing or new Swiss based businesses


In either case, it's important to build your case based on your initial driver. Often the driver is the bring family members, particularly kids, along to have them enjoy the Swiss Education and Health system. A personal interview will be required.

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